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Chimney Repair and Cleaning

Owning a house with a fireplace has its reward But you have to consider what might happen if the chimney is not in the fireplace or it fails to function optimally. This means no more warmth from the fire you were accustomed to. If you decide to light the fire with no chimney, then you can be sure your house will fill smoke and other gasses. That uncomfortable feeling of breathing smoke is very dangerous. Therefore, treating the chimney as an important part of the house is essential.

A chimney, just like any other part of the house, needs constant cleaning. It is essential to inspect the chimney at regular intervals. Carrying out regular maintenance on the chimney and looking after it is only possible if you take the chimney serious. Choosing to neglect the chimney will later cost you a lot.

Consider the main pipe during cleaning. Remove anything clogging the pipe so that the smoke will be drawn away from the room. Keep your house free of those gasses by ensuring that the passage is always open.

You have also to check the bricks that are located on top of the house. They can be damaged by birds, heavy rains and also strong winds. Replace the missing bricks and seal all unwanted cracks and openings. This will protect your ceiling and walls from outside moisture. Mold can result from the moisture buildup, and it can cause health problems for those living there and to some extent damage the structure of the house.

Your chimney will give you long service if you always keep it in good condition. It will also prevent any leakage that might be a problem to the residents of the house. Hire experts to help you in your repairs or just ask for advice from them. The repairs and maintenance can be done once you get proper training or by using a book for guidance.

The cleaning and repairs must be done using the proper tools. For example, you can use mortar as is a good binding agent for sealing the cracks and other openings on the brick chimneys. Fill those openings and wait for it to harden.

Another good tool for cleaning is a steel brush. Find the correct size that will fit well in your chimney. The size of the chimney will guide on the size of steel brush to get from the stores.

Chimneys have openings where the debris and dirt from the chimney will come out and also cleaning allowances. The rubbish will be directed through the outlet as cleaning is being done. This will keep the fireplace clean. The cap and screen should also be kept clear.

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